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Custom or on-brand backgrounds for your next Zoom meeting

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People remember things that are visual!  This means every Zoom video conversation you have is an opportunity to create a positive brand experience. Let us help you create a lasting impression for your brand that you’ve worked so hard to create?

Get a custom Zoom background for you and your team from a little as
$45 + tax (CDN).

Quick and easy to use

Once your background is designed it’s very simple and fast to install... under a minute!

zoom 2.jpg
zoom 3.jpg

Custom &

on brand Zoom calls

Turn your rec-room, kitchen or bedroom into your very own boardroom with a custom Zoom background. Most designs are delivered within 48 hours so you’ll be up and zooming like a pro in no time!

zoom 4.jpg
zoom 5.jpg
zoom 6.jpg

Get one or more designs that your whole team can use & share... Starting at only $45 + tax (CDN)

$45 + tax (CDN) gets you a custom design in 48 hours that you can send to your whole team for on-brand video calls!.


If you need a few options for different occasions, you can spend a little more on a 3 or 5 pack of custom designs.

The choice is yours!

Custom Zoom Background ideas

Abstract Background
Abstract Background
zoom 10.jpg
Fractal Design Background
Dark Living Room Background
Dark Living Room
zoom 11.jpg
Pirate Fun Background
Cartoon Family Fu
Cartoon Family Fun
zoom 12.jpg
Glassy Atomic Background

On your mark... get set... ZOOM!

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